Why a photo is not just a photo,
it’s a memory…


In a the day and age of right now, photography has become very disposable, digital image quality has long surpassed film in terms of convenience and ease of editing. When I did my photography diploma, they stripped us back to film and darkroom development for our first assignment. You suddenly realized the work it took pre digital to produce one image and why it was such an art form. Nowadays it’s so very easy to flick through the vast quantity of images on social media without giving too much thought.

Last year, a client of mines father passed away and realized that photos from her wedding would be some of the last photo’s she would have had with him. I got the call the day before the wedding, the photographer they’d hired had pulled out. I wasn’t completely green and was a competent photographer but a last minute call up for your first wedding with a couple you’d never met is daunting to say the least.


It was a backyard wedding and supposed to be a surprise wedding for the guests. As it turns out, it was the worst kept secret in SEQ and guests were invited to an “Engagement Party”.

As I had no prior contact with the bride and groom, you’ve just gotta go with what you know. I tend to shoot in a documentary style and I feel that worked on this occasion.

I look back on that day now with great fondness because of those memories I was able to capture for Kat and her family.

It really was a turning point for me as a photographer to realise how much responsibility lays on our shoulders with this type of work.

We ended up with some amazing memories captured that will be cherished by Kat and her family for the rest of their lives. Those images are all the more important now as a cherished memory.

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