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No question is silly!

Do you travel?

Sure do! Beyond a certain radius there may be travel charges but we’ll discuss that in the initial consultation.

Are all images edited?

They sure are! Your images are also our brand that’s why nothing leaves our office until it’s finished. After all you wouldn’t hire a chef then ask him not to cook the food would you?

Do we give out raw files?

The simple answer is no. We retain the raw files on all images taken. However depending your package you’ll receive full sized print quality files and web res images.

Who owns the images?

We do and will retain the copyrights, but you’ll receive a licensing agreement that allows you to use the images indefinitely or for a set period of time based on the agreement.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes you do, it’s part of our terms of doing business. But it’s not actually as scary as it sounds. This benefits both parties by protecting your rights to use the images and our rights to use them for marketing purposes whilst retaining our copyrights.

Do I get input into my finished video?

Sure do. We do an initial version 1 cut which we’ll then send to you for comment. We love to work with you to bring to life a finished product that you’ll be 100% satisfied with.

Do I have to tell you what I want from my photo and videos?

This is a tricky one, It really helps if you do. We’ve seen over the years with many customers that they know they need content but can’t tell us exactly what they want. This is more common than you think. We’re happy to give you our creative two cents worth but ultimately it’s your business and the final decision rests with you. That’s why we love to sit down with you initially if possible to plan out how your content should look for your brand.

How do we pay you?

Unfortunately we don’t accept exposure dollar doos as the bank doesn’t like them. We’ll invoice you for payment to be settled according to the terms on the invoice. We’re a small business so sadly 30 day terms just don’t work for us. Usually it’s 7 days which is the average turnaround time on work.

Do you use an assistant?

It depends on the job. Some jobs require more than one person so we’ll quote upfront if an assistant is required.

Do you require notice for drone work?

Yes!! As much notice as possible. To adhere to safety regulations we may need to apply for approvals to fly in certain areas and this can take a minimum of 48 hours to gain approval. We recommend 5 days notice for drone work.

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