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What we do

Troy Lum Photo & Video is a commercial photography and videography service.

If you’re ready to bring your brand into focus through exceptional photography, stunning aerial footage, or video that sets you apart from the crowd, we can make it happen. My commitment to your brand is to be consistent and provide a quality visual solution that will engage your customers. Your potential customers will draw parallels in the professionalism of your business image and the service you provide. My role ensures that you put your best foot forward to potential clients. If it’s important to you, then it’s important to me.

As an accredited photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, I employ a professional standard that’s expected.

My door is always open for a confidential discussion with no obligations.


My experience within the fitness industry will assist you in creating images that engage your potential customers. The fitness industry is a huge consumer of content across multiple platforms. Our role is to create everything from in-session content for social media to polished studio shoots for brand advertising. You might be selling big guns and tight buns or have more of a lifestyle and community focus. Whichever it is, potential customers want to be able to relate to what they see in advertising. Your business can leverage my experience to create strong imagery.

Portraits & Headshots

A professional headshot is potentially the first engagement a customer will have with you. Potential customers want to like and engage with you, a good headshot will do that.

My role is to deliver an image that makes your first impression count. It might be a life-changing moment, headshot, or group image of your office staff. Regardless of the subject, you can expect the delivery of a product that will work for you.

Event Photography

There’s just no substitute for a professional photographer at your special event. We love to cover parties, functions, and events and are well equipped to cover a wide range of environments. Our event packages are an all-inclusive price that covers travel, edits, web, and print res files so there are no surprises. We shoot everything from birthdays to business functions and you can be sure that we’ll provide a suite of quality images.


Commercial Photography and Videography requires a customised approach to every client. You might need head and team shots for staff, photography of your facility, aerial shots, and a custom video of your business with interviews. It’s never as simple as providing a one package that suits all approach. That’s why we’ll assist in providing you with a custom package that best suits your business needs. We’ll provide upfront complimentary quotes on everything that you need before commencing work. Hourly, half-day, and full-day options are available.

Aerial Photography

Aerial images and videos can add an exciting dimension to your business profile. They can show not only location but highlight points of interest from above that will engage your customers. Drones can also shoot from a height inside large factories giving a unique perspective.

We shoot our still images in a raw format and our video in log format for greater editing flexibility. It allows us to provide our valued clients with a high-quality end product that will engage customers. Another engaging tool is aerial time-lapse that can be added to a project for an additional wow factor.

I want your clients to benefit from my experience as a remote licensed aerial pilot and photographer throughout Australia and California.


If you’re looking for a polished professional video, there’s no substitute for professional production when promoting your business. Phone videos still have their place in social media channels for business promotion but shouldn’t be relied upon solely. Regardless of whether you choose to do it yourself or get a professional, video engages. Statistics show that consumers are 69% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. Consumers retain 80% of what they watch and 20% of what they read.

There is a lot to consider when creating a video for your business. We take that stress away by looking after the technical aspects. We’ll assist you to plan out your video from start to finished for a polished end product. Professional production with high-quality audio is available to anyone and will highlight the unique selling points of your business.

Let us help tell your unique story that will engage and excite your potential customers.

Industry Recognition

Projects awards

Troy is a diploma qualified award winning photographer, a former Tafe graduate of the year and Qld student of the year at the Queensland Epson Professional Print Awards.

Tafe Graduate of the Year

QLD Student of the Year

Set the tone

Professional photography can set the tone for your whole business, showing your potential customers that you are committed to providing them with professional service and quality product.

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