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What is an accredited professional photographer?

An accredited professional photographer is someone that has had their work assessed by leading industry professionals. Their assessment of the portfolio will determine the photographer’s work to be of a professional standard. This process is to ensure an industry standard is maintained by members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. Part of the accreditation process is ensuring that industry professionals also hold appropriate public liability insurance.

Accredited photographers must also continue their professional development and maintain their skillset. We can do this by attending educational workshops or by attending further education through a registered training organisation.

We also must demonstrate that we have worked in the industry for two years before applying for accreditation. Applicants must supply genuine customer references that show they have performed work to a satisfactory standard.

Customer service, professionalism, and a high skill level are all the hallmarks of an accredited professional photographer. Customers can feel confident they will receive a product that is indicative of an AIPP professional skillset. Look for the AIPP logo to know you are dealing with an accredited professional.